Lunch and Learn: Dubuque’s Terra Cotta Buildings

This presentation will examine the use of architectural terra cotta in the construction of several of Dubuque’s iconic buildings, including The Cottingham and Butler Headquarters (former Security/Stampfers Building), the Security Building, the Fischer Building (former Bank & Insurance Building) and others.

Feel free to bring a sack lunch. (Lunch not provided) Free.

Presented by Duane Hagerty, CEO, Heritage Works Dubuque

Lunch and Learn: Dubuque’s Brewery Architecture

Presented by Duane Hagerty, CEO, Heritage Works Dubuque

Learn about the architecture and construction methods of Dubuque’s two important brewery complexes:  The Dubuque Brewing and Malting Complex (also known as the H&W Complex) and the Dubuque Star Brewery Complex.

Free. Feel free to bring a sack lunch (Lunch not provided)

MULTI-MEDIA PROGRAM: Ticket to Dubuque with Bob Dunn and Lou Fautsch

Ticket to Dubuque is a loving look at our city using original songs, photographs, and narration. It touches on the city’s founding, its growth, its neighborhoods, its landmarks, the natural beauty of the hills & the Mississippi River, and its ability to meet past and recent challenges. Free.